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A simple website for sophisticated genealogists


Two simple websites, using tried and true methods, for sophisticated genealogists. If all researchers would kindly upload their GEDCOM files, name-matching will be a snap. GEDCOM entries are indexed by locality, then by name, on After all, what good is a matching surname if they are from a different place?

GEDCOM is not ideal for some purposes, but it serves its original purpose, namely, for Mormons to submit information for temple ordinances. It is also good for finding a cousin researching the same lines, and that is the mission of GEDCOMINDEX.COM and GEDCOMLIBRARY.COM.

Don’t wait. Export a GEDCOM file now, making sure you use your desired settings about living persons and private information, and that the contact information in your genealogy software is up to date. Upload it now. It is quick and easy.

There are other websites where you can upload your GEDCOM file, but they jealously guard it, giving out snippets to other users. GEDCOMLIBRARY.COM lets you download the GEDCOM file so you can import it into your genealogy software. Unless you want royalties, accessibility shouldn’t be a problem.

There are other websites where users can view your ancestral information, but when you message the other users, often they don’t know what a GEDCOM file is. That is why we say these simple websites are for sophisticated genealogists.

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The roles of different genealogy websites: Costs money. Provides lots of records. You can upload a GEDCOM file, but they jealously guard it and let other customers read pieces of material from it. They cannot download the GEDCOM file. Nobody else can correct or otherwise change your material. When you message new cousins, often they don’t know what a GEDCOM file is. Free. Provides lots of records, and even more are available if you access the site from a Family History Center. You cannot upload a GEDCOM file, so you have to add each person individually. This is lots of work but it can help you catch blunders. Other users can change your material, and sometimes they get it wrong.

GEDCOMlibrary.COM and GEDCOMindex.COM: Free. Provide no records. Simple websites for sophisticated genealogists. These help researchers find each other through GEDCOM files. GEDCOMINDEX.COM indexes thousands of GEDCOM files (on other websites) by place name, helping you find the researcher working on the same ancestors. You will still need access to records to verify what is in those GEDCOM files. Upload your GEDCOM files today.

Other websites: There are other websites that want your GEDCOM file but they also jealously guard it. They don’t let other people download the whole GEDCOM file. Accessibility shouldn’t be a problem unless you want royalties.