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This webmaster would like to propose a few new GEDCOM tags:

SUBL and CODE for locations of events, these tags would be subordinated to the 2 PLAC tag.
SUBL would be the sub-locality, such as the hospital or house of worship where the event took place. CODE would be a unique identifier for the place name. The CODE for a town in Virginia would not change just because the town becomes part of West Virginia.

CALN would be for the calendar, allowing for translation of dates from one calendar to another if the supplier of the data knows whether that part of Germany was using the Gregorian Calendar, or the Julian Calendar. The integrity of the original information is maintained and there is no double-converting from Julian to Gregorian.

Here are some links to GEDCOM utilities. These can be useful in preparing your GEDCOM file before e-mailing it.

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For Excel-to-GEDCOM conversion, import your Excel data into SmartGenealogy and export it as a GEDCOM file. Test the file with other genealogy software. Make sure the locality names appear.

Also check out Excel2GED and other GEDCOM utilities.

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Started 28 November 2006 21:22 UTC