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This is the companion site to and should help genealogists locate each other’s GEDCOM files. GEDCOM Index finds GEDCOM files on other sites, downloads them, indexes them, and displays the results for each locality, with links to the respective GEDCOM files. Alas, genealogy sites come and go, leaving many dead links in their wake. By maintaining both the repository and the index, it will be possible to stay on top of this.

The first submitted GEDCOM files are ready for viewing. Click here.

To submit your public domain genealogy files, they must first be in GEDCOM format (no spreadsheets or PAF. Convert these to GEDCOM files before sending them.) When exporting your data, be sure to specify that information on living persons is to be excluded. It is okay if they appear as LIVING or even with names only, if you wish, since they won’t appear in the index if there are no locality names associated with them. We don’t want GEDCOM files containing living persons.

To convert Excel spreadsheets to GEDCOM files, import the Excel spreadsheet into SmartGenealogy and then export the data as a GEDCOM file. Test the GEDCOM file with your regular genealogy software. Make sure it says WHERE the transcribed events happened, e.g. the locality, province and country where the cemetery is located.

To see our rules for place names, CLICK HERE.

For links to GEDCOM utilities, CLICK HERE.

Before exporting data with your software, be sure your contact information in that software is current. This information will be included near the top of the file in the GEDCOM file you export. It will become public when published on so other genealogists can contact you.

To reduce spam, you may change your e-mail address by replacing @ with [at] or whatever.

Your GEDCOM file must then be e-mailed to GEDCOMS@GEDCOMLIBRARY.COM. The subject field must exactly conform to the following specification: The Subject line MUST say THIS GEDCOM FILE IS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. and must be followed by a low-level security password which will allow you to delete it later if you wish. For example,

This GEDCOM file is in the public domain. ABCDEFG

To delete a GEDCOM file you uploaded, send an e-mail with the file name and password. The file name will be the one used on this site. (To update your genealogy data, delete the old file and submit a new one.)

The following format will be accepted for deleting a GEDCOM file:

Delete GEDCOM file gl345678.GED ABCDEFG

These are the ways the computer will be searching Subject lines for commands. Commands must conform exactly (Not case-sensitive, however. All capitals works the same as mixed capitals and lower-case. This is also true of passwords.) The file will be deleted next time the site is updated.

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